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Ballet in 2 acts
Beginning: 9.03.2019 - 19:00
Completion: 21:00
Konstantin Dankevich

Libretto by V. Kovtun based on the ballad by T. Shevchenko and the scenario of V. Tchahovets.

Choreography by V. Kovtun.

Music by Kostyantyn Dankevych reworked by O. Baklan.

Premiered on the stage of the Kyiv Opera on June 29, 2003.




Act 1

The night before Ivana Kupala. Boys and girls celebrate a national holiday – ancient, full of mystery. Among the young people are lovers Lilea and Stepan, who can’t hide their happiness.

Prince and his minions appear. His gaze stops at Lilea. Fascinated by her beauty, he decides to take the girl to the palace.

Engagement ceremony is held for Lilea and Stepan. The celebration is interrupted by minions, who order Stepan to come to the palace to serve the Prince.

Freedom-loving Stephen does not obey to this order and with the blessing of his father flees to Kossack Sich.

Prince and his minions come to Lily. But she doesn’t obey either. She runs off to find Stepan.

Exhausted after being chased by minions, the girl falls asleep in the forest. Lilea dreams about being surrounded by mermaids inviting her to dance. She sees her beloved Stepan. However, the dream melted like a ghost. Woman is surrounded by minions. Prince triumphs, getting charming Lilea.

Act 2

Learning that the Prince took his beloved to the palace, Stepan gathers a gang to free Lily.

The elegant Park is where a dramatized ball shall be held, which attracts guests of renown. Serf actors render the interlude "The Court of Paris." Prince plays the role of Paris to be near the Lilea, who acts as Helena.

The interlude ends in an orgy, during which a scared minion appears to inform that the palace is surrounded by rebels. The guests are scared/

Stepan comes in with the gang. Prince shoots Stepan but Lily covers him with her body.

Dying, she gives birth to beautiful white flowers, called lilies.