4.01.2022, 12:10
World premiere of the concert "Musical gratitude to medical workers" - on the official websites of UNESCO and the WHO
World premiere of the concert "Musical gratitude to medical workers" - on the official websites of UNESCO and the WHO

The world premiere of the global project, held at the National Opera of Ukraine, with the support of the WHO and UNESCO - the concert "Musical gratitude to medical workers"!

It is a great honor for us that this unique event has become the property of mankind thanks to the posting of the video version of the concert on the official websites of UNESCO and the WHO.

“’The fact that this art project took place with the simultaneous support of the leaders of the WHO and UNESCO testifies to the significant potential of Ukrainian culture’, noted the author of the artistic initiative "Musical gratitude to medical workers", UNESCO Artist for Peace, and conductor of the National Opera of Ukraine German Makarenko, ‘We managed to create an outstanding creative product for millions of viewers around the world, because it combines melodies from different continents.’”

With this creative message, the National Opera of Ukraine named after T.G. Shevchenko and all project participants tried to express our solidarity and gratitude to medical workers from the leaders of the WHO and UNESCO, to feel the global support of the world community.

That is why the music program, which was attended by UNESCO Artists for Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors, included works and folklore compositions from all continents, including several world premieres.

“’The concert program included two works from each continent and several Ukrainian compositions.’ - says German Makarenko - ‘In particular, the world premieres of the anthem ‘Path of Hope’ by the French composer Pierre Sebo (text by Fabien Amiah, Kateryna Vovchuk) took place, the creation of which was inspired by the sculpture of a Goodwill Ambassador, the famous French sculptor Hedva Ser and the work "Gratitude" - music and lyrics by the Ukrainian author Kateryna Vovchuk, created especially for this event.

Also presented is a fundamentally new format - online and offline collaboration, corresponding to the challenges associated with COVID-19. So, in real time, the Turkish composer Kudsi Erguner performed the instrumental part, which was broadcast online, and in the concert hall he was accompanied by the Kyiv Classic Orchestra. It is symbolic that the musicians performed the composition at the same time, being in different countries.

Another example of intercultural dialogue was the premiere of “The Heart of Africa” by the Ukrainian composer Artem Roshchenko, written using the musical folklore of the peoples of Central Africa and the pygmies. The program ended on an optimistic note - with the work "Amazing Grace", which better conveys the faith of overcoming the pandemic. "

During the concert, the audience saw a video address by the leadership of the WHO and UNESCO and the President of Ukraine.


It should be added that the project “gratitude to medical workers" is part of the global movement "ResiliArt", founded by UNESCO. It sends a powerful signal to the world to pay attention to medical workers and to celebrate their hard work and invaluable contribution to the preservation of the health of mankind. At the same time, lofty ideas, creative art collaborations, and new formats used in the project stimulate the emergence of new art initiatives aimed at creating socially responsible global actions.

The project was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.