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Nataliia MATSAK
МАЦАК Наталія
МАЦАК Наталія
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People's Artist of Ukraine (2020). 
In 2000, she graduated from the Kyiv State Choreographic School (Hanna Petrenchuk's class). In the same year, she was invited to the troupe of the National Opera of Ukraine, where she immediately received solo parts, and in 2001 she became the leading soloist in the theatre.
Ballerina teachers: People's Artist of the USSR Tetyana Tayakina, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Lyudmila Smorgachova, Honored Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Kozlov, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Mykola Pryadchenko, People's Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Bondur, People's Artists of the Russian SSR Alla Osypenko, Mykhailo Messerer, Honored Artist of the Russian SSR Nataliya Makarova, Margarita Kulyk and others. 
Winner of international competitions:
2004 - International competition of ballet artists named after Serzh Lifarya (silver medal).
2005 - International competition of ballet dancers in Moscow (bronze medal). The high level of technical skill of Natalia Matsak was noted by the legendary stars of the Soviet ballet - O. Lepeshinska, Yu. Grigorovich, M. Lavrovsky, N. Bessmertnova, N. Makarova and others.
2006 - VI International Competition of Ballet Artists named after Serzh Lifarya (gold medal).
As a guest ballerina, she worked in many theatres around the world, including the Mikhailovsky Theater and the Boris Eifman Theater. She is a regular guest at Nureyev festivals and ballet galas.
Danced with partners: Vadym Muntagirov (Covent Garden), Andriy Uvarov, Denys Rodkin (Bolshoi Theater of Russia), Igor Kolb, Kimin Kim (Mariinsky Theater), Denys Nedak, Yan Vanya, Serhiy Sidorskyi, Denys Matvienko (Ukraine) and others.
Actively tours the countries of the world and performs at the best venues in France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA, China, Korea, India, Chile, Germany, Latin America, Japan, Finland, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, etc.
The repertoire of leading parts in performances of the National Opera of Ukraine and abroad:
"Bayaderka" (Nikia, Gamzatti) – productions by M. Petipa and N. Makarova
"Sleeping Beauty" (Aurora)
"Swan Lake" (Odette-Odilia)
"The Nutcracker" (Masha (Klara))
"Sylphide" (Sylphida)
"Giselle" (Giselle)
"Raymonda" (Raymonda)
"Don Quixote" (Kitri) - productions by M. Petipa and B. Eifman
"Corsair" (Medora) - staged by V. Yaremenko, M. Petipa and edited by F. Ruzimatov (Mikhailovsky Theater)
"Spartacus" (Aegina) by A. Sheker
"The Legend of Love" (Mehmene Banu)
"Laurencia" (Laurencia) - production by V. Chabukiani edited by M. Messerer
"Scheherazade" (Zobeida)
"Carmen Suite" (Carmen)
"Vienna Waltz" (Karla), staged by A. Rehviashvili
"Daniella" (Daniella), staged by A. Rekhviashvili
"Snow White" (Snow White)
"Red Giselle" (duet) by B. Eifman
"Grand Pa-Classic" (Auber)
"Chopiniana" (Mazurka in D major, Seventh waltz in C sharp minor)
"Widely Closed Eyes" (Nocturne in B-flat minor), staged by V. Ishchuk
"Doctor Faustus" (Gretham), staged by V. Ishchuk
"Tarantella" by J. Balanchine
"Classic pas de deux" by J. Balanchine "Esmeralda" (pa de deux)
"Diana and Actaeon" (pa de de)
"Heute ist das Gestern von morgen" - staged by Raimondo Rebeck
"Say more quietly if you can" - E. Chernov
"Dream Dance", staged by A. Rehviashvili
"The Way", staged by D. Kliavin and others.