Guest artists
Junjie DONG

Сhief conductor Tianjin Grand Theatre (China).

Mr. Junjie Dong, who is officially granted the professional title of Top-Class National Conductor, graduated from China Central Conservatory of Music, and received a master’s degree in 2001. He major in music studies under the instructions of Mr. Xin Xu, prestigious conductor and educationist, Mr. Jun-chang Xu, prestigious composer, educationist, and president of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and the prestigious composer Mr. Guoping Jia.

Mr. Junjie Dong, as the music director, and the chief conductor, now assumes head of the Opera Orchestra affiliated to Tianjin Song and Dance Theater. And also, he assumes music director and chief conductor of Tianjin Nationality Orchestra affiliated to Tianjin Song and Dance Theater.

Besides all the important occupational posts he assumes presently, he also holds, at invitations, the following visiting positions: guest conductor of Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, Malaysia, guest conductor of Youth Symphony Orchestra and Youth Nationality Orchestra affiliated to Tianjin Conservatory of Music, contributing conductor of Shanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater, Hebei Provincial Song and Dance Theater, and China National Song and Dance Theater; chief conductor of Peiyang Orchestra affiliated to Tianjin University.

Mr. Junjie Dong, due to his prolific music career, has been appointed multiple important managerial positions of professional musicians’ organizations: member of China Musicians’ Association; member of China Nationality Orchestral Music Society and China Professional Conductors Committee; Vice-president of Tianjin Nationality Orchestral Music Society; member of Tianjin Musicians’ Association, guest professor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and guest professor of Shanxi Teacher’s College.

In May 2001, Mr. Junjie Dong was honored to be permanent conductor of Hebei Provincial Song and Dance Theater, and in December of the same year he successfully conducted the band of the theater which held a concert entitled “A Yanzhao Spring Daybreak” which took place in Music Hall of Beijing, and CCTV broadcast the recording of the concert. In 2002, he was exceedingly invited to be permanent conductor of Nationality Orchestra affiliated to Shanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater. Respectively in 2003 and 2008, he served as the conductor of Nationality Orchestra affiliated to Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, and successfully conducted the fourth and the fifth sessions of the concert entitled “Spring of the Haihe River.” He conducted the concerts respectively held in 2004 and 2009 for the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and in 2005 he was appointed conductor of the Tianjin Nationality Orchestra that participated in a display-performance of the professional nationality orchestras. His excellent performance was widely appreciated by his colleagues and professionals.

In 2007, he served as the conductor of Tianjin Nationality Orchestra which took part in a large-scale nationality orchestral concert entitled “Tianjin-Hong Kong Friendship for flourish of Education,” which was held in Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall. In 2010, he made a great success in his performance as conductor of Tianjin Nationality Orchestra which was involved in a large-scale orchestral concert, entitled “Successive Years of Prosperity,” which was held in China National Grand Theater.

In January 2005, Mr. Junjie Dong went on a long journey to Europe along with the Tianjin Nationality Orchestra, affiliated to Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, which toured twelve cities located in three different European countries for the purpose of itinerary shows and cultural exchanges. In October of the same year, he traveled to Rome Italy, with the same orchestra, to join in the theatrical performances for the opening ceremony of “Tianjin Week of China.”His performance in all of the shows had immense repercussions in China’s music circles. Following the brilliant success he had made in Golden Hall of Vienna, the music halls of Ludwigshafen, Munich, and Hamburger Germany, he made an even bigger success in Rome Italy, winning an honor for China’s Nationality music. His superb conducting skills captured the minds of his spectators in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Australia, winning a glory for his motherland and the city of Tianjin.

In honor of his outstanding contributions to China’s music undertakings, the authorities concerned awarded him, respectively in 2006 and 2009, two noble titles of “New Star of Musical Circles” and a musician of “High Virtue and Superb Musical Techniques.”

In addition to the great achievements made in his conducting career, he wrote multiple pieces of music such as orchestral music, film and TV music, vocal music, among which “Awaiting Your Return,”“An Ode to Mom,”“Cadenza Tianjin,” and “Land Interdependent on the Sea,” respectively won a “Golden Bell Award for Music” and a “Five-Project Prize.”

Despite the huge existing achievements he made in previous years, Mr. Junjie Dong, however, never ceased to explore in the field of music he ardently loved. In February 2008, he disembarked at Japan to participate in the fifth session of “Japan-China Goodwill Wind Music Festival,” and won the “Excellent-Conductor Prize.” In November 2011, he won the “Excellent-Conductor Prize” for his superb performance in the first session of “Opera Festival” held by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

In 2012, he was privileged, through the rigorous selection by China Central Television Station, to be a member of the judge group committed to appraising the participants of CCTV Nationality Instrumental Music Competition, which is rated one of the highest level music competitions in China.

In 2014, he was awarded by Tianjin Municipal Culture Administration the honorary title of an innovative talent who met the criteria of China national “Five-Batch-Talented-People Program” and China national “131- Program.”

In recent years, in collaboration with multiple orchestras, composers, and instrument performers, Mr. Junjie Dong at home and abroad has been involved in conducting performances of more than a thousand symphony, opera, nationality orchestral music, and chorus shows. And, again, he has done an excellent job in all of those collaborations.

It has been acknowledged that his elegant and accurate, appealing and passionate, and diverse and prompt-gestured conducting manner has made him one of the high-profile and the most prominent young conductors in music circles.