The tour starts at the monument to M. Lysenko on Teatralnaya Square at 13.00.

A short street part: a story about what happened here before, and what the modern viewer can see has changed.


During the tour, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the theatrical atmosphere and go all the way: from the foyer to backstage.

In the auditorium, we will learn about the important historical and political events that took place here.

Behind the scenes, from the side curtains, we get acquainted with the stage, which is almost ready for the performance: the final preparations are related to adjusting the light - be ready for either the mysterious darkness, or for the dazzling glow of the spotlights.

It is forbidden to go to the center of the stage, but from behind the curtain we will cast our eyes into the still sleeping auditorium. You will be amazed by the great deal of mechanical and lighting equipment in their installations, you will find out why the superstructure was needed, why the stage slope is needed, why the opera still uses a ramp and the services of a prompter and many other details...

After that, you will find out what the rear stage is used for, which used to be where the former "courtyard" is now and how it is connected with the heating of the theater.

Get to know the small props: you will be shown varied and intricate props that give the performances liveliness, believability, or, conversely, a sense of phantasmagoria.

Finally, through the “everyday” backstage, you will go to the ballet classes, where you will learn how everyday and staging work takes place, and if you are lucky, you will see the rehearsal process.

As we exit from behind the scenes, we have time to look into the royal box. The theater is already filled with spectators... You can admire the beautiful interiors, designer crystal chandeliers and candelabra, sculptural details, old Venetian mirrors, and, of course, take a photo in memory of a rich and dynamic tour.


Please note - a ticket to the show is not included in the tour price.

The program of the tour may vary slightly depending on the time it occurs.

The excursion lasts one and a half hours.