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Ballet-fantasy in 2 acts
Beginning: 13.01.2019 - 19:00
Completion: 20:45
Evenings on a farmstead near Dikanka
Yevhen Stankovych
Evenings on a farmstead near Dikanka

Libretto by A. Belinsky and V. Litvinov based on works by N. Gogol.

Act 1

The Night Before Christmas. Joyful holiday mood prevails in the countryside; Girls began to tell fortunes for the boys, guys gather in hordes to sing carols and aunts scratch their tongues by banter. All the uncles have fun at the tavern, set up by Dyak, Chub and Holova.

Fun on the street. Oksana appears. What a girl! Boys devour her with their eyes. Vakula the blacksmith is particularly attracted. He barely manages to suppress his feelings for the girl.

A Cossack deputation passes the street, hurrying to St. Petersburg to tell the queen about their cares.


At home sits Chub, his daughter Oksana sits at the mirror and admires her beauty. Ba, and is it good! Vakula is ready to once again propose his feelings. Sharp-tongued Oksana mocks the guy. Is he able to satisfy her? To see this, she tells Vakula to prove his true feelings by giving her Queen’s shoes.


Stars dot the night sky. The devil decides to spite the people and steal the new moon. Without hesitation he takes it from the sky. And suddenly eerie darkness reigned over the village. Chub, Holova and Dyak roam the streets. Whether by itself, or perhaps out of habit, legs themselves led them to the Solokha, Devil’s friend house. The appearance of Holova interrupts courtship traits. Solokha hides fearfully her friend into a sack. Scarcely had he pinched the widow, the door opened again. Dyak decided to visit Solokha too. Widow hides Holova too. And here comes Chub on the doorstep. Solokha hides him too…

Vakula returns home upset by girls whims. Seeing sacks in a chamber, he passes them on the street to take the wheat to the mill.

Cheerful crowd of boys and girls runs into the yard of Vakula. Seeing mounted sacks, gang decides to see what the blacksmith gathered. Stray from the darkness and suffocation, Chub, Holova and Dyak jump out of the sack. Fellows and girls, thinking that it is devil, rush helter-skelter. But Vakula grabbed the Devil, who pulled into the sky. Smith holds the wicked firmly in his hands.

Fly to St. Petersburg, directly to the king's palace! - Vakula orders.

Act 2

Vakula on the devil rise into the sky; they fly among the stars ... Farther and farther from their village, closer to effulgent Petersburg.

* * *

Luxurious, drenched glow of candles in the Palace of the Queen. Flaunting exquisite coats and dresses, expensive decorations, courtiers gathered in the pre-Christmas party.

Among the courtiers appear Cossacks, who came to the capital.

Nobility welcomes the Queen, who was accompanied to the ball by Potemkin. The turn comes for Cossacks to greet. Queen notices and admires Vakula. He is not to leave it in St. Petersburg. But Vakula is living a dream of returning to Ukraine to his dear Oksana.

Vakula asks the Queen to give him shoes. Catherine II is surprised by the request. Learning of whim girlfriend, she gives Vakula the gold shoes.

Smith again saddled Devil to return to his native village.

* * *

Oksana is condemning herself for the stupid whim. But then comes Vakula with the shoes!

The night is not even over, and bizarre miracle happened in the Ukrainian village, Cossack Vakula had to go to St. Petersburg, come back and give his girlfriend the gold shoes, just when people were joyfully celebrating Christmas.