Ballet in two acts
Chasing After Two Hares
Yuri Shevchenko
Chasing After Two Hares

Libretto by Tetyana Andreyeva.

Musical intro
The old musician becomes reminiscent and dreamy asking himself the eternal question of “Why?”.
Act 1
Scene 1
A right pleasant morning in Kyiv. Churches in the Podil (city district) say ‘morning’ to each other with their bells. Routine fairday on the Contract Fairground; owners of shops and stands set out their goods on stalls. Aunt Sekleta seems very busy; Horodovy (city policeman) lordly walks about the shopping rows. 
Young guys start playing the boot-game, and soon all people on the fairgroung become involved into a playful squere-dance.
Suddenly, one more group of dashing companions appears on the squere – Svyryd Petrovych Holohvasty, the local barber, with his daredevils. He is dressed “a la mode” like “a real Frеnchman.” Girls admire him.  
Halya, aunt Sekleta’s doughter, appears; as always, she looks dreamy and enigmatic.
Holohvasty makes approaches to her so that he himself believes he is falling in love. Aunt Seklate hastily blesses Halya and Holohvasty as young marrieds. But Halya is filled with despair because she loves quite another youngman.
Sirkоs appear on the fairground; this wealthy pair walks “gracefully” with their beloved doughter Pronya who looks like a crooked heron. Young guys jeer at her. Holohvasty also laughs at her while cheking up on deep pocket of that “respectable” family. 
Pronya turns her attention to Holohvasty, and then she cannot take her eyes off such “beauty.” Horodovy also notices that “beauty” because Holohvasty has long been wanted by police as a city-known scoundrel and debtor.
Scene of chasing.
Scene 2
Holohvasty runs like a rabbit to his barbershop. He begins to barber his clients rashly in trying to secret himself among them; but he fails. Creditors appear; because Holohvasty is a bankrupt they strip him to the last thread.
Left alone, Holohvasty begins to rave. Mentally, he is alreagy close to “the wealth of that ugly Pronya who is crazy for him.”
Scene 3
Private dancing-school. Madam-foreigner teaches Kyiv young ladies “the new fashionable manners.” Pronya “tries” hardest of all, but she fails as nobody wants to waltz with her. She vainly tries to charm some cavaliers for dance. It is not known what would have happened if He, Svyryd Petrovych Holohvasty, had not come. Holohvasty is the dream of her life. And now, the sounds of glamourous tango draw Pronya into a whirlpool of vehement love.    
Act 2
Scene 1
Sirko’s house. Wealthy family relaxes restlessly. Amorous Pronya also sleeps and dreams Holohvasty – so charming, so exotic and so unattainable!
A sharp doorbell interrupts their resting and dreaming. He came! All people fussed and run.
Accompanied with his daredevils Holohvasty begins to “storm” the hearts of Sirko’s family members. As soon as parents gave their blessing a rumour on the betrothal ran through the streets of Kyiv. Aunt Sekleta also heard this news.
Scene 2
Sad Halya walks about the streets with a wedding veil in her hands. Then she comes to the Khreschatyk Street – the kaleidoscope of people, dreams and wishes – where her loneliness dissolves. The Kyiv waltz.
Scene 3
Wedding procession. Richly made-up and happy Pronya almost flies to the crown; and next to her is Holohvasty who moves uncertainly to the steps of his dream. And how can one not remember about the eternal question of choosing – between money and feelings?
Sonorous bells of the St. Andrew Church are heard by people all over Podil. Citizens and gapers come to look at the bridal spectacular. Aunt Sekleta appears; she wants to tell people the truth about Holohvasty-scoundrel. Furious Horodovy, from whom Holohvasty managed to escape last time, scrambles through the crowd.
Fraud is revealed. Beating up the scoundrel. Funeral of his dreams.
Yes, life passes leaving only memories and music in heart.
And the eternal question of “Why?”