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Ballet in 2 acts
Beginning: 19.01.2019 - 19:00
Completion: 20:50
The Snow Queen
The ballet includes music by Petr Tchaikovskiy, Anatoliy Liadov, Anton Rubinshtein, Edvard Grieg, and Jules Massenet
The Snow Queen

After the same name tale of Hans Christian Andersen.

Libretto by Aniko Rekhviashvili and Oleksiy Baklan.

Music composition by Oleksiy Baklan and Aniko Rekhviashvili.




Children are skating joyfully at the icerink not far from the city hall. Gerda is among hem. Boys invite Gerda to skate with them, but Gerda refuses waiting for her friend Kay. And here he is. Happy children are circling in the dance.

Suddenly, some strange  haracters appear. They are the wicked sprites who pretend to be persons. They are seeking for naughty kids who commit bad deeds. But the icerink is the place for friendship and harmony, not for quarrels.

It is getting dark. The children go to their homes. The wicked sprites try to make a mirror with the power of causing all that is good and beautiful when it is reflected therein, to look poor and mean; but that which is good-for-nothing and looks ugly is shown attractive and magnified.

The mirror is ready. And suddenly, the image of the Show Queen appears therein. Even the most evil sprites numbed from her icy stare.

The Snow Queen breaks sprite’s mirror; its small bits will scatter all over the world. Hitting the eye, the bits make man cruel and selfish; hitting the heart, the bits make man’s heart frozen.

Gerda’s granny arranges a party for Gerda’s friends cooking candies and preparing gifts for children. Suddenly, Kay gets sight of a glaring flake of snow on a frozen window. It seems to him that the flake grews larger and larger becoming a beautiful lady; she is the Snow Queen. Kay tells children about the miracle, but nobody else can see it. They mock him. Kay glares at the open window. Suddenly, he feels that something hits his eye and then hits his heart. Everything around him changes becoming gray, unsavoury and even ugly. In the midst of the party he runs away from Gerda’s home.

Wandering though the deserted streets of the city at night, Kay meets the sprites who race on sledges. The spritepush him in a snowbank. A huge sledge of the Snow Queen sweeps past him. Her glance devastates his soul. Kay forgets about Gerda, granny and his friends at once. As if in a dream, he binds his sled to the sledge of the Snow Queen who seems to be only waiting for this moment.

The Snow Queen’s sledge soars to the clouds…

Gerda wanders through the city streets in searching for Kay. Cold and tired she falls asleep; she dreams of a magic garden guarded by small toy soldiers. The Hostess of the magic garden meets Gerda. She likes Gerda; the Hostess wants the girl to stay with her. Kay and Gerda meet again in a sweet dream. But then Gerda awakes realizing desperately that that was only illusive  appiness. She slept all the summer, and now a cold autumn wind blows beyond the magic garden’s gate swirling yellow leaves…



She sets out in search of Kay again. When wandering, the girl meets the court Raven and Crow who then introduce her to the Prince and Princess and the court nobles of a magic kingdom. Gerda is proposed to stay in court. She thanks them for their hospitality, but she refuses as she should seek for her friend Kay and save him.

On her way through the dark forest, Gerda meets the forest robbers; the Little Robber Maiden  wants Gerda to be a captive. But girl’s extraordinary courage and fortitude force the Little Robber Maiden to release Gerda.

She moves on. It is becoming colder and darker in the forest. Gerda faces a regiment of snow  flakes; this is the army of the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen is arranging the coronation of Kay in her Ice Palace. She wants Kay to stay in her kingdom forever as the Snow Prince. Gerda is fighting with the Snow Queen. But she does

not have enough power to overcome the mighty magician. Gerda asks Kay for help, but he is cold and chill. Gerda weeps desperately, and her tears of love hit Kay’s chest and melt his frozen heart.

Kay and Gerda hug each other…

Spells of the Snow Queen are powerless before the power of love of two young hearts. The Ice Palace is melted; water washes away the evil prompted by frozen hearts of people.

Gerda and Kay are together again; they will never leave each other. Children grew up; and going through trials, sincere children’s feelings have become a great and overpowering love.