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Opera in 3 acts
Beginning: 28.01.2022 - 19:00
Completion: 22:20
Sung in Italian
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
Gioachino Rossini
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
Libretto by Cesare Sterbini based on the same-name comedy
by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
Premiere - on April 19, 2019.


  • Decorative fabric artist:
  • Milana SKORYK
Night. Being in love with Rosina, Count Almaviva stands near Doctor Bartolo’s house trying to attract the attention of the beauty. Fiorello helps him.
Figarro the barber approaches. From him the Count learns that Rosina is a foster-daughter of Doctor Bartolo who intends to marry her for a dowry.
Rosina appeares on the balcony; she throws a letter to her admirer. Almaviva asks Figaro to help him to meet with Rosina immediately.
The Doctor rushes out of the house and goes to the notary to speed up the marriage.
Now calling himself Lindor, the Count hopes for the opportunity to have a talk with Rosina. Together with Figaro, Almaviva nurtures a plan to get into Doctor’s house.  The Barber proposes the Count to be dressed as a soldier and hence to demand from Bartolo to be quartered in his house.
Living room in Bartolo’s house. Rosina writes a letter to Lindor.
Don Basilio, a music teacher and old friend of Bartolo, appears; he tells the Doctor about the feelings of Count Almaviva to Rosina. To get rid of the rival, he proposes defaming him.
On listening to the conversation of two intringuers, Figaro tells Rosina about their intention.
Almaviva, disguised as a soldier, appears soon; on the advice of Figaro, he looks as if he is drunk. Bartolo refuses to quarter him. Quarrel arises.  Hearing the noise, the Officer with soldiers comes into the house. The Officer is going to arrest the drunkard, but then, on learning who Lindor really is, he makes the Doctor astonished by letting Lindor go. 
Count Almaviva appears in Bartolo’s house again, this time disguised as a music teacher, and informs that Don Basilio fell ill and sent his student instead of himself. It seems suspicious to Bartolo. Then Almaviva shows Rosina’s letter, which he allegedly found in Count’s house. Bartolo is angry, but this creates the opprtunity for the Count to meet with Rosina at last. Figaro also helps him in this. But suddenly Don Basilio appears. His appearance threatens to disrupt the lovers’ plan. Figaro, the Count, Rosina, and Bartolo ask Basilio to go home because of his sickly complexion. Understanding nothing, but groping a purse in his hand, Don Basilio leaves Doctor’s house.
To divert Bartolo’s attention, Figaro begins to shave him; but the Doctor manages to overhear the conversation of Almaviva and Rosina. He gets to know that his foster-daughter is going to run away with her lover; and he reveals conspirators’ plans.
On driving Figaro and Almaviva from his house, Bartolo decides to meet with Don Basilio immediately, and then he send Don Basilio for the notary.
The Doctor wants to make use of the letter given to him by the Count and tells Rosina that Lindor is merely a flunky of Count Almaviva.
When Figaro and the Count appear the girl refuses to go with them. The Count admits that Almaviva and Lindor are one and the same person.
In the meantime, Don Basilio and the notary appear; they bring the marriage contract. Taking advantage of the fact that the Doctor is not at home, a cunning Barber informs the notary that he іs invited to marry Rosina and Almaviva. On receiving a reward once again, Don Basilio signs the contract as a witness.
Bartolo, who just returned, is in despair.
All people congratulate the newlyweds on happy event.