Opera in 3 acts
Running time:
3 hours 10 minutes. Presented with two interval.
Sung in Italian
Giuseppe Verdi


Libretto by A. Ghislanzoni and C. Du Locle based on A. Mariette’s scenario.

Premiered on the stage of the Kyiv Opera on February 15, 1998.

Act One
Scene One
The throne room in the palace of the Pharaoh of Memphis.
The high priest Ramfis informs Radames of the attack of the Ethiopian troops on Egypt. The priests turn to the goddess Isis with a request to appoint a commander who will lead the Egyptian army against the enemies. The high priest informs the Pharaoh about the decision of the goddess. Radames will be the commander.
Radames loves Aida, the slave of the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris, who is herself in love with Radames. She suspects that Aida is her rival. Amneris is trying to licit from the girl if she loves Radames.
A herald appears with a message. The herald tells of Ethiopians robbing Egyptian lands. The Pharaoh announces to Radames that Isis chose him: he now commands the whole Egyptian army. The people wish the hero victory over the Ethiopians, who are headed by the terrible King Amonasro.No one guesses that Aida is the daughter of Amonasro. She is confused: for whose victory does she pray - her beloved Radames or her father?
Scene Two
A temple in Memphis.
Priests and priestesses pray to the Gods to bless the weapon of the commander.
High priest Ramfis bestows Radames with a blessed weapon.
Act Two
Scene One
The quarters of Amneris.
The princess wants to make sure: is it true that Aida loves Radames? She sets a trap for her, saying that the young commander was killed in battle. The despair of the girl, and then joy, when she learns that the death of Radames is only a rumor convinces Amneris of Aida’s love for Radames. The vengeful princess threatens the slave with death and orders Aida to serve in the celebration of the victory of Radames.
Scene Two

A square in Thebes.
A joyful crowd meets the victorious army of Radames. The Pharaoh appears with his daughter Amneris, the nobles, and behind them the slaves, with Aida among them. The Pharaoh glorifies the victorious Radames and as a reward promises to fulfill any of his wishes. Radames asks to see the prisoners, among whom is the Ethiopian King Amonasro. Aida rushes to hug her father. The King of Ethiopia pretends to be a simple warrior and orders his daughter to keep his secret. Amanasro informs the Pharaoh that the King of Ethiopia died in battle.
The prisoners beg for pardon. But the high priest urges the Pharaoh that the Gods desire the death of the prisoners. The people of Egypt ask for mercy upon the defeated Ethiopians. Radames also asks for mercy upon the prisoners and the Pharaoh releases the captives, but on the advice of the high priest, keeps Aida and her father hostage. The Pharaoh solemnly announces the marriage of his daughter Amneris to the hero Radames.
Act Three

Amneris and the high priest Ramfis head to the temple of Isis to pray for a happy wedding. At the temple, King Amonasro demands that Aida find out from Radames along what path he will lead the Egyptian troops to Ethiopia. Aida fears her father's curse and agrees to help her father. Radames appears. He does not want a throne or royal honors. After returning from his campaign he intends to tell the Pharaoh of his love for the slave girl. Aida offers Radames escape from Egypt to Ethiopia, where they will marry. Her father, the Ethiopian King Amonasro, appears and offers Radames his throne as well as protection. Radames tells of a clear path that is guarded by no one. These words are heard by Amneris and the high priest. They order the guards to seize the traitor. Amonasro and Aida run away, but Ramses stops the guards and gives his sword to high priest Ramfis.
Act Four
Scene One

Amneris wants to save Radames and asks him to defend himself before the judges, but Radames refuses protection and is ready to die rather than live without Aida. The priests gather at the court, declare Radames a traitor, and sentence him to be walled up alive in the temple dungeon. Amneris curses the priests.

Scene Two

In the stone dungeon of the temple, Radames is walled up. He is awaiting death and hopes that his beloved is free and already at home. But Aida is here. She secretly crept into the dungeon to die with her beloved.
Amneris loses consciousness and falls onto a stone, which closes the entrance to the dungeon.
In the stone tomb Aida and Radames bid farewell to life.